"We’ve seen ‘eve teasing’ in our popular cinema, where the very concept of wooing a girl starts with making a public pestilence of themselves right through to borderline stalking until the girl coyly caves in and falls in love with the male protagonist. With limited interactions with members of the opposite sex due to socio-cultural factors, generations of men grow up believing that this is the only route to woo a woman. That a woman’s consent to a romantic relationship can be got only through consistently harassing her. The garden variety roadside romeos who populate every street corner though might have less lofty things than love and romance in their minds, to them street sexual harassment is a display of their machismo, a sorry way to boost their self esteem."

- Kiran Manral, Let’s start by calling it Street Harassment

So true; there needs to be a massive change in the way the media portrays ‘romance’ and ‘love’ in the movies. Stalking and eve-teasing will never get you the girl. You’re just perpetuating a twisted form of misogyny and patriarchy. 

(Source: blog.tehelka.com)

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